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Spriggs 7-foot Adjustable Loom - with Collapsible Tripod Loom Stand - Maple


Brand Spriggs

Excellent condition.  In store pick-up only.

This is the originally patented 7-foot adjustable triangle loom design. The Spriggs’ design has been the standard for over 28 years. This loom adjusts from 7 feet down to 3 1/2 feet with 9 possible sizes available at ten nail increments. Nail spacing on the 7 foot hypotenuse is roughly 1/2 inch with the 5 foot side boards being roughly 3/8 inch. The adjustments allow for a variety of sizes to make individual products as well as making smaller weavings that piece together. Made of solid hardwood with sturdy lap joint construction.

Yes, this is the only loom that dresses itself. That’s because all warping and weaving are done simultaneously, with a single strand, from a center-pull ball of yarn. After laying down the first two warp threads, just weave a loop down from the top of the loom and spread the loop apart. Each woven loop provides two wefts woven at once ( the sides of the loop), plus the next warp (the bottom of the loop). As you continue to weave loops and spread the loops apart, the weaving progresses from the outside corners to the center and from the top to the bottom of the loom all at the same time.