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Colorful Crochet


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Bring more color into your crochet with these 35 bright and beautiful patterns.

Imagine you are in the yarn store or searching for supplies online—do you instinctively go for the reds and pinks, naturally veer towards soft blues and greens, or head to the dark side of grays and blacks? The relationship between colors and our state of mind is well established, but we don't often consciously notice how much different colors affect us or understand why we favor some over others. Emma Leith is known for her colorful crochet, and has designed 35 projects that will bring you the psychological benefits of working with different shades, along with the enjoyment of creating beautiful items for the home and to wear. There is a chapter for each season, to reflect the colours of nature in spring, summer, fall, and winter, and then a chapter of "four seasons" designs, showing you how to mix shades from different times of the year. With notes on the color therapy benefits of different patterns, and suggestions for switching shades to suit your own preferences, you will soon be crocheting in full color.