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Minipom - Happy Knits for Little Kids


Brand pompom

This adorable collection includes 11 knitting and crochet patterns for kids aged 0-10.  Mini Pom reimagines classic grown-up patterns for our tiny friends, as well as some just-for-kids designs. They are sure to bring you and your loved young people years of joy and cozy memories! Featuring designs by Lydia Gluck, Meghan Fernandes, Sophie Heathscott, Fiona Alice, Rachel Coopey, Gina Fama Röckenwagner, Toshiyuki Shimada, Kiyomi Burgin + Sachiko Burgin

Each of these patterns has been chosen and designed with growing bodies, and the way they move, in mind. Patterns in this collection include a hat, mittens, blanket, cardigan, sweaters, and an adorable pig! Coloring pages for kids is included and printable with your download code, so you can gift the coloring page along with a handknit treasure.