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100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet by Lesley Stanfield


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Arranged in a beautifully presented directory, choose from simple spiral roses, pretty poppies, elaborate layered blooms, and fabulous felted flowers. The flowers are beautifully arranged on the pages, with stitched leaves and embroidered stems, and are cross referenced to a separate section featuring clear pattern instructions and information on yarn requirements. You’ll also find inspirational ideas on using the flowers in a range of fun ways, from customizing clothing and accessories, to decorating gift-wrapped packages. The book’s organization:
    A general information section
    A photo directory of all of the flowers included, organized by color and type
    Sections for knitted items and crochet items.
    Each section is further grouped into easy, intermediate, and advanced patterns.
    The patterns themselves are cross-referenced to the photo directory by number and include both text instructions and chart
    The crochet instructions include text instructions as well as charted.