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100%  hemp
Stats: 100g (3 1/2oz) skein 150m/165y DK weight
Gauge: 22sts over 4"(10cm) Needles: 3.75mm (5US)
Care: Hand/machine wash - lay flat to dry or tumble dry until slightly damp, lay flat to dry.

Ultimate in strength with the drape & luster unique to hemp this is a versatile yarn. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter! allhemp6 is the quintessential yarn for year-round wear!

Why use hemp?
Hemp is extremely efficient from an environmental perspective.  Hemp production needs no herbicides or pesticides, has low water requirements, produces 2 – 4 times more fiber per area than other sources and maintains a healthy microbial life in the soil. Hemp is naturally mold resistant and is also perfect for  those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Hemp will soften by regular washing and drying. It will not shrink, stretch, fade or pill, and will only get softer after each wash. If you find the Allhemp yarns stiff to work with, soak the 100% hemp hank in hot water and hair conditioner, air dry and wind into a ball...knit away!