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Woolly Lizard - Shaniko Yarn


Shaniko Yarn comes from Merino and Merino/Rambouillet sheep raised on farms or ranches in the United States. With a double NATIVA + RWS certification, Shaniko wool is 100% transparent. These operations build on regenerative farming practices that promote healthy ecosystems and biodiversity.  The untreated fiber is grown, sheared, scoured and combed in the U.S.

Woolly Lizard sources Shaniko Wool yarns from a mill in North Carolina.

Anne Worthington, owner of Woolly Lizard, retired from the National Park Service to devote more time to weaving.  She enjoys designing and experimenting with color.  She dyes in small batches and does stick to the same colorways which makes her beautiful products one-of-a-kind.   Along with yarn and fiber, she also has original handwoven designs you can find on her website