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Natural Piñon Cream


Great for minor cuts, sores, dry skin, and infections.  Ingredients: piñon salve, coconut oil, vitamin E.

“Mom's Everything Cream... is created in the home of Nellie Tsosie on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Sweetwater, Arizona located in the Four Corners area.  This is a small mom and daughter business serving people globally! We originally started with local merchants and traders within the surrounding communities and expanded with the demand for piñon cream.

This is an old healing remedy used in the family for generations as well as by other Native American tribes in the United States.  My great-great grandmother passed it on to my mother at an early age. Mom remembers her grandmother using it on everything in the household and on pets because medications were hard to come by.  Native Americans relied on old herbal remedies and many still do. Grandmother taught mom (Nellie) how to make the Piñon cream using natural healing elements found in our environment.

We hike for long distances for some of the ingredients used in the cream. Mom enjoys collecting her own natural herbs and other ingredients because we were taught by our forefathers to have songs and prayers for the things gathered to be used as curing solutions. It is a spiritual journey that she takes every time she starts a new batch.

Our cream treats dry skin, sores, skin infections, minor cuts, sunburns, insect bites, and a variety of other skin conditions. The scent of the cream has healing power of its own.  It has a therapeutic aroma and can be used as a massaging cream for relaxation or a rub for aching, sore muscles. The cream is also great with splinters, sties, athletes’ foot and dry skin on your feet- especially if you like to wear sandals and get ‘crusty heel’. If you are a hard-working rancher or gardener and have very weathered hands, this is the moisturizer that will heal them! Mom uses it on our pets.  When our dod gets splinters or severe cracks on the paws, we use the cream.  It is good for saddle sores on horses and mules as a conditioner before they have their hooves trimmed. 

Mom has been calling it her everyday cream because she has truly used it on everything that needs curing!” 

- Dian Sandoval, Nellie’s daughter